Santa Teresa

Surf in Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa

Playa Santa Teresa proper technically consists of that tract of beach that extends from the soccer field (always the heart of a town in Latin America) to the discotheque, “La Lora.” Here is where the best surf breaks in the area reside. Twice daily, surf lemmings dutifully descend the stunning white sand beaches for the opportunity to surf some of the best waves in Costa Rica.

Since the Great Recession, the popularity of Santa Teresa has resumed growth at an exponential rate. With the international press lavishing enthusiastic praise over its beaches and lifestyle, Santa Teresa has been crowned the “St. Tropez” of Costa Rica. At once exclusive and accessible to tourists on even a modest budget, the little beach town provides access to all breeds of tourists with something for everyone. In true egalitarian fashion, the mélange of residents and visitors in Santa Teresa mingle under the tropical sun and into the depths of the night.

Santa Teresa Neighborhoods:
» To the South: Playa Carmen  » to the North: Playa Hermosa  » Inland: San Isidro

Santa Teresa at a Glance

Restaurants & Venues

La Lora – Local Discotheque
Kika – Restaurant & Life Music
Tiquicia – Local Food
Zwart – Cafe & Art Gallery
Al Chile Viola – Ital. Fine Dining
Burger Rancho – Mediterranean
Tomate – Pizzeria
Olam – Health Food
and many, many more…


2 Supermarkets
Quad & bicycle rentals
Tons of surf shops
Clothes & Souvenirs
Yoga & Spa Services
Several buses daily


A vast stretch of white sand beach


Reef and beach break with fast lefts and rights

Santa Teresa Beach Life

Real Estate in Santa Teresa

In addition to the natural beauty and bounty of the area, the incredible lifestyle of Santa Teresa has been molded and taken hold. A lively, young community whose international and often cosmopolitan composition, has been conceived and is reflected in the diverse lodging and dining options. Bolstered in large part due to this eclectic mix of residents and offerings, real estate in Santa Teresa has become the hottest investment opportunity in Costa Rica and property values continue to appreciate.

As Santa Teresa expands, new access roads scramble up the hills to properties with remarkable ocean views. The only condominium project is a small development in Santa Teresa. True beachfront properties with concession are available but not in abundance. They are scarce in large part due to Costa Rica’s rigorous defense of the maritime zone and the complex process to obtain them. Overall, there is a multitude of opportunities in Santa Teresa to carve out an amazing lifestyle and to benefit from the upside in the real estate market.

Santa Teresa Ocean View PropertyEven with the recent price appreciation, there appears to be significant impetus for future gains. A new water aqueduct suplies now water to the entire coastal area. And surely one day the Costa Rican government will finally decide to pave the dusty road both for health reasons and development. The dirt road continues to defy the odds, but rest assured that once the paving begins, the sellers will instantly raise their prices. It would be wise to anticipate this much needed infrastructure reform. These significant investments will be another impetus to propel real estate values higher.

Featured Real Estate Properties

Expansive Vista

Centrally located oceanview lot

Santa Teresa, Ocean View Land 5,024 sqm
Panorama Hotel

Hotel and restaurant with amazing ocean views

Santa Teresa, Ocean View Hotel 8,945 sqm
$ 7500,000
Modern Apartments

Stacked rental apartments in Santa Teresa center

Santa Teresa, close to Beach Residential Built 200 sqm

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